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Viktor Reznov
Biographical information
Spartan Tag S137
Birth dateClassified
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Height6' 3"
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorblue
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationBad Company (Exon Milita)
RankStaff Sergeant
Specialtyspec ops
BattlesHarvest attack #!, the retaking of Harvest, Reach, earth and more.....
ClassSpecial Operations

"You can run and try to hide....but you'll just die tired" -Reznov's personal motto

Early life:Edit

Staff Sergeant Viktor Reznov was born on Harvest to a farming family. He was taken at the age of six for the Spartan II program after being found walking around the city, ONI agents thinking he was an orphan mistakedly took him. Latter through out the training he tried to escape dozens of times. After being captured multiple times he started using covert techniques and later escaped at the age of 16. When the Covenant attacked Reach he enlisted in the Marines and lied about his age (he was 17 at the time). He was trained with the marine corps on Harvest and born on Earth. His family was sadly left behind in the retreat of Harvest which led to him being one of the most ruthless marines alive (rumored to let covenant bleed out in front of him).

Participation in Covenant-Human war:Edit

He participated in most of the main famous battles (Reach, Harvest, Earth and much more) and managed to go up in the ranks decently high until a certain inncident with ONI (he was simply partying to much, got into a bar fight and managed to kill someone who he claims was an innsurertionist)

After the war:Edit

After the war he left the Marine corps and joined the Spetsnaz, a mercenary group run by Thel 'Chavam, and ran up in the ranks pretty quick settleing himself as Thel's right-hand-man. Currently he has been employed by the innsurrectionist group known as Outcast.

Speech During the Battle of VologradEdit

During the battle of Volograd he gave orders to his troops in a wooden row boat trying to get across the Volga river this is how it went: "Welcome to are about to begin the greatest moment of your lives. The Covenant have lost thousands of tanks and planes. The prophets brutalized Covenant forces are marching into the city over mountains of thier own dead bodies. Our mother earth, the former country of Russia, and the UNSC have given us orders to not let the Covenant reach the Volga (a big river that they were crossing at the time) and to defend the city of Volograd! *starts yelling due to Covenant artillery landing feet away from the boat* Forward unto the enemy! Into the unremitting battle, comrades, for the city of Volograd! For our great country and earth. NOT ONE STEP BACK! COWARDS AND TRAITORS WILL BE SHOT *yelling due to a banshee makeing a strafeing run missing the boat by inches* Do not count days, do not count miles, only count te number of Covenant scum you have ridden from this planet! Kill the Covenant, for our lost families. Kill the Covenant, this is the cry of your Russia and earth. Do not waver do not let up, forwards comrades. Death to the covenant invader! *marines and outcasts yell Death to the Covenant invader!*. (the boat lands on the beach)