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    December 6, 2012 by TheIdiotOfSkyrim

    Well, guess its kinda hard to say this. It's really hard to say this. I'm leaving Wikia. Some people might think I wasn't on here long, but I was. I'll just say a few things, cuz that's what people do. So, some people I called names and I was just playing around. I treat everyone the same, I don't just suck up to anyone. If I was playing around with admins or mods, I'd treat em the same as anyone else. And I have a few people that, in my eyes, are my friends on here. No one is gonna get a callout cuz they are my friends, or people I dislike. If you are my friend, if anyone is, you know who you are. Well, I guess that's it. If people want me to comeback, it'll be the day I joined my first Wikia, and the day I met Remi, June 9th.

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