• Shotgun02

    Hey Shotgun02 just as the blog post says I need some names and Spartan tags for Team Romeo Juliet.

    1. Robert-A037 (Romeo-1)
    2. Alice-A288 (Juliet-2)
    3. Rex-A048 (Romeo-3)
    4. Denter-A044 (Juliet-4)
    5. (Romeo-5 name and Spartan tag needed)
    6. (new Juliet-6 name and Spartan tag needed)
    7. Old Juliet-6
    8. (Romeo-7 name and Spartan tag needed)
    9. Linda-A179
    10. Mike-A287
    11. (Juliet-10 name and Spartan tage needed)

    I'm okay with doing their profile, it's just name and Spartan tags I need.

    Well thanks for reading this blog post.

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