After messing around in Photoshop for a few minutes, I wound up with this:


This is just screaming to be used somehow... now I could either have Ron become one scary motherfucker (the lazy way out), or actually bother to make a second character. Now since I always seem to miss activity here in chat (if there even is any nowadays, which if not, hopefully we can change), I figured I'd give you all a chance to give some input as to how you would like this character to become. I'm not saying that I want anyone to write him for me, nor am I saying that I'll necessarily agree with every suggestion, but since I'm not around enough, I don't have an idea as to what everyone else would really look forward to in a character to interact with theirs. You know, one of those "Oh man, I wish we had a character that was blah to really go with this" sorts of things. And if it winds up that no one has any significant input and just goes "Meh, whatever you come up with will work." (which is most likely true >.>), you all still get to stare at this picture... which is frankly, my favorite Photoshop creation of mine in this relatively new year for some reason. Because of that, even various comments on how this Spartan looks would be an enjoyable read. Now if only this was my actual Spartan for Halo 4...

Sidenote: This may or may not be part of an attempt to increase activity, interwiki communication, and my involvement.

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