Well, after seeing Frost's disappointing and negative Christmas blog post, I decided I had to make another one; this time about mine, which was pretty decent.

It was pretty satisfying for all of us (the Trace family, of course :P) to be together. My niece and nephew made one hell of a mess, but hey, it's Christmas, deal with it. I received clothes, clothes, and more fucking clothes, which was expected from the older Traces. However, on the other hand, my younger brother got me Dishonored (hell yes!)... I only got him Paul Blart: Mall Cop (the only movie I can watch for hours on end without getting bored), a cheap-ass knife, and a Justin Bieber poster (yes, it was a joke). He got ripped off; poor bastard. Lol. From my parents I received a knife which is of the same design as the knives used by MACV-SOG in Vietnam. I also got some gift cards to places such as Red Lobster (YUM!). My brother gave me a USAF t-shirt which I'm pretty sure he has owned for a good seven or eight years. My fiancee, whom some of you know, bought me a an EOTech sight for my AR-15, which was about $500.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (Sorry, Frost. lol) and have a happy New Year.

Christmas Joke: 

Q: What does Santa want for Christmas?

A: A ho, ho, ho!

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