Part 3


as Rachel started to wake up she found herself in a pod thing, thinking about it, and how cold she was, she figered out she was in to Cryo pod, pritty much a big freezer for people. she waiting sometime tell she herd foot steps, then someone knocked on her pod. she opened it a little bit and looked out, andother young girl, with long blue hair look in at her and smiled. "Hi" the girl said. "hello" Rachel said and opened the cryo pod all the way, there was a man behind her, UNSC unaform, odd, what would the UNSC have to do with kids being kidnapped.. inless... the man told her to get up, she did so, why am I here? what do I have to do with any of this? she followed what he said to do, hoping that someone would talk about what was going on and she chould ease drop in on it. no one did, this worried her more. what IS going on?! after some time she was put on to a plane, wow.. there is a planet? WHERE IN SPACE?! she thought. after about 30 mins she was on the planet, at what seemed to be a base in the middle of 10,000 miles from anywhere but nowhere, she was walked in to a big room, and was sat down on the seats that where just about everywhere, when she looked down to the petastole, it now hit her, there was the woman who had talked to her at school, four mounths ago, she tryed to remember what was said, that came back to her too, "Hello Ma'am" she remembered saying to the woman, "Hello" the woman had said back, "Who are you?" she said as she thoght how odd it was to have someone come to her school who she had never seen befor, "I'm Doctor Halsey" Halsey! thats her name! Doctor Halsey! why is she here... wait.. after Dr. Halsey saying something that even Rachel chouldn't understand, and non of the others seemed to, she pased, and then fainaly said: "You have been called upon to serve, you will be trained... and will become the best we can make of you. You will be the protectors of Earth and all her colonies"