Part 2


Rachel was under her bed as the men who broke in to her house walked around her room lookng for something, that they had not found, she stared out from under her bed not moving or making a sound, as the men walked around looking, one of them opend her closet. after sometime one of them walked over to her bed and looked under to find her hand in there face. "I found her!" the man whispered. two of the other men as she tryed to run for the door grabed her one of them put duct tape over her motuh and another put a cloth bag over her head. she was kicking and trying to scream and then she could feel the air rushing around her, they had tossed her out the window. as she fell 2 stories down from her room's window she was trying to think of why they where kidnapping her, as she just was going to hit the ground someone coght her out of the air. then she was tossed in to a van, and the other men got in. where are they taking me?! she thought. I hope my mother will see that I'm gone and call the police! I hope she'll know I'm gone and try to get me back! I don't want to be taken for a ransome, or, or ,or.. she got cut out of her thoughts as two of the men where talking, soon after that she was asleep somehow.