Part 1:


Dr. Halsey stood by the door frame staring at a young girl, about 6 years old, blode hair, blue eyes, playing with some other girls. the bell rang, the girls by her said goodbye and ran out. she sat there and finished drawing, then looked up at Dr. Halsey. "Hello, Ma'am" She said. "Hello" Halsey said back to the girl, "who are you?" the girl asked with an odd look on her face. "I'm Doctor Halsey" Halsey said. "And you are?" the girl seemed to be thinking. "Rachel, right?" Halsey said after some time. "yes..." Rachel said. "How did you know?" "Because I do" Halsey said. "Is it on a need to know bases but I don't need to know?" Rachel asked. "Something like that, Rachel" Halsey said. "okay.." Rachel said.