Part 4

"What in the hell was I thinking?" Rachel though to herself as she sat by the Big Horn river."this was just idiotic!" her training for the past 3 years had been something she wished she could take back, go home, see her family again.. but she knew that wasn't going to happen. everyone who had tried to get out of here failed. she didn't know why but they just did. she got up and look down the river, and started heading down the cerent., the best idea they had, the Spartan's, was to meet up with the parts of the map at the head of the Big Horn lake, unlike her Squad mates, she was going to find it herself. Funny thing was, she had left her map on the ship, not the best way to start the day.. nor the week. As she waled down to the tip of the lake, she could hear the others. Talking to one another, and she could hear every word. She snick in behind everyone. And once again, all of them got out.