Hello everyone! I hope you scare the goles away tonight, with frightful costumes and horfing Pumpkins!

I would still say lock you're doors and windows, and keep you're childer close. lol. jk.

but the history of Halloween, thats how it started. 

Trick-or-treet was kinda "GIVE ME CANDY OR YOU'LL REGRET IT!"

Haloween.. hmm... this is my first year on Wikia, and this first time I've heard of Haloween! so I'd say get you're guns and hunt some Covies!!

Nightmare night is also tonight! its the My Little Pony of Halloween's! but its all about Nightmare Moon! *Insert Fluttershy yay here* 

I finish you off with a sorry I haven't done Part 5 of What was lost. I haven't had any ideas of what to do next! It'll come out soon.


-- You're faithful Sudent, Helenna~To Princess Luna 1pxv/7Da3qrozMv41

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