well, another one, I'm doin it because all the cool kids are these days. OKAYYYY!

I had an.. ok Christmas, not the best, my mom messed up lunch and started yelling and so on. I got to see my Cousin CAYLEN! -happy- I got to hold her and feed her. -EPICLY HAPPY- I got: cloths, (PJ's) headphones, candy, a doll, a kendle, a kendle case, a flashlight, Rozen Maiden: Overturn, some steampunk spats, Sims 3, newest Sony Vega, money, money, money, and some jewelry.. and then hair stuff. over all it was decent, could have been better. now I have this week off, then New Year Eve and Day. (lol) so yeah..

hope Y'all had a fairly good xmas (sorry LULU). and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, SOME PLEACE BUT VEGAS! (lucky)

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