This is a Halo Hub policy proposal. The community will decide if these guidelines become true or not. If you wish to suggest a change or new guideline, please speak up and tell me. These guidelines also include interfering with the fanon of other writers on this wiki.


  1. No direct interference with canon. This includes talking or taking action with a character from the Halo games or books that would interfere with their timeline. No interfering with their battles or bumping your characters in.
  2. No having your characters the same as an offiicial character. For example, if your character were to die on the same date, saying the same thing, and dying in the same exact way as an official character, it will not be allowed.
  3. No interfering with another author's fanon without permission. You may not randomly insert your characters into someone else's squad or make a backstory up for someone else's character that interferes with someone else's. The grant of permission does not have to be public- it may be an unspoken agreement if you wish.
  4. If a Halo game or book has an event that interferes with your fanon, you will be notified. After this notification, you will be expected to rename, change, or delete the article(s). We will give you plenty of time to do so.
  5. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will be given three warnings. If you do not take action after the third warning, the page(s) that interfere with these guidelines will be removed.

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