Untitled12Ok, I was talking with Helen the other day tht maybe if everyone had time to do so, we could make a min-movie on YouTube, sorta like what other ppl who play Halo Reach do. EXAMPLE: "10 Ways to Tell if You're a Noob in Halo Reach" Then like all of us would have voice-acting roles too. I was thinking of doing the soundtrack. I made my second Halo-themed score the other day.

Here's the link,

And yes it was for the movie if we had the time. I thought it was pretty good for my first halo score. But, I am a boss at playing it on a keyboard and not that good at writing it on MuseScore.

But yah, tell me what you think.

626 Clonefanatic 13:08, October 27, 2012 (UTC)