UNSC Thunder Wolf

The UNSC Thunder Wolf is a Halcyon-class light cruiser in the UNSC Navy. It has two improved MAC guns, each capable of firing five rounds in quick succession, 300 Archer missile pods, each holding 26 devices, equaling 7800 missiles, four Shiva Nuclear Warheads (two of which are disguised as Longswords and can be remote-controlled), and numerous 50mm MLA auto-cannons.


The Thunder Wolf carries about 25 Spartans at all times, 300 pilots, 300 marines, and 300 ODSTs.


The Thunder Wolf carries 50 Pelicans, 150 Warthogs, 50 Mongooses, 25 Scorpions, 50 Falcons, 50 Hornets, 25 Longswords, and 30 Wolverines.

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