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"We created the Flood. It's our job to rid them - Not the Humans'."
—The Savior after the first group of Promethean Knights were made
The Pariah
Improbulus "The Savior"
Biographical information
Death date N/A
Military information
VehiclesA small number of Forerunner frigates
  • Z-130 Directed Energy Automatic Weapon
  • Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon
  • Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol/Exotic
  • Z-180 Close Combat Rifle/Asymmetric Engagement Mitigator
  • Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle
  • Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle


  • Hard light blade
  • Second Battle of Requiem
Physical description
Hair colorSilver
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Forerunner era

Post-war era

AffiliationForerunner (formerly)

Improbulus (meaning Defiant), or the Savior, was a Forerunner general and saviour of many thousands of humans, thus earning him the title of Savior.


After seeing the Didact convert humans into Promethean Knights to fight the Flood, the Savior refused to fight alongside the Didact, and eventually deserted and went into hiding. He did, however, secretly prevent many more humans from being turned into Promethean Knights. After months of wandering and hiding as a nomad, he was found by Promethean Knights. He killed them all, and was later turned into a Promethean Knight himself. Many years later, the Librarian converted him back into his original form. After this, he did everything in his power to prevent the Didact from creating any more Promethean Knights. He also made enemies with his former friend, the Pariah.