Funny Pictures Halo Coffee Break This article is fanon and not part of the Halo universe. The author of this fanon is Helenna A114.
Biographical information
Spartan Tag S053
Birth dateMay 31st, 2511
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBlue
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Navy, Squad 596, Squad 666
BattlesFall of Reach, Battle of Earth, Battle of Installation 08


Rachel was taken by ONI at the age of 6, she was taken to planet Reach for the SPARTAN-II Program. after her training she was put into cryo sleep until 2537.


Rachel's first augmentations did not go as planned; there were several errors. Because of this, she became slightly shorter then her fellow SPARTAN's, and received a supressed sexual drive from it.

Also during augmentations, her bones shrunk, making her the shortest living Spartan-II. She is dead to her fellow SPARTAN-II's because ONI pulled her out for their own use after her augmentations. If you look her up, you find her listed as MIA or not even there.

Rachel was conscripted into the SPARTAN-IV Program, along with the rest of Squad 596. However, she did not want augmentations, having been affected by her SPARTAN-IV augmentations. She faced constant paranoia until augmentations. However, the augmentations did not have any negative affects on her.

Young lifeEdit

Rachel spent most of her young life being trained in the SPARTAN-II program that was run by Dr. Halsey. She was trained, like the rest of her fellow SPARTAN-IIs, by Chief Petty Officer Mendez.


One year after being taken out of cryo sleep she was conscripted into Squad 596.

Squad 666Edit

Squad 666 was a splinter squad of Squad 596, designed for mssions in which a very small team focused on stealth would be necessary.


Fall of ReachEdit

The Fall of Reach was very difficult for Rachel, as she had grown up on the planet.

Battle of EarthEdit


SPARTAN-II's - Rachel sees the SPARTAN-II's as her family, long gone after coming out of cryo, knowing that they believed she was dead. She knew she might not see any of the SPARTAN-II's again.

Damien-A263 - Rachel and Damien are close friends with one another, and they share a strong bond from years of battle.

Darman-A136 - Rachel has a hidden liking to Darman.

Ryder-A144 - have a bond from years of battle.

Anika-A284 - have a bond from years of battle.

Divinity-105 - Trained in the SPARTAN-II program with Rachel, and where close friends intill Rachel's believed death.

Maverick-082 - trained with in the SPARTAN-II program with Rachel, and where close friends intill Rachel's believed death, Maverick found out later on that Rachel was not dead and lived thru her augmentations with a few defects. Rachel was there when he died, and watched him die. It has taken a tole on Rachel mentally, and she still has a hard time remembering the smile on his face after his helmet was taken off..

Andrew-100 - talked to him a few times during her SPARTAN-II training, then later he became her teammate in Squad 596 and Squad 666.