Alternate Universe

Funny Pictures Halo Coffee Break This article is fanon and not part of the Halo universe. The author of this fanon is Sgt D Grif.


  • Cartez - Noble Uno
  • Katerina - Noble Dos
  • Juno - Noble Tres
  • Emilio - Noble Cuatro
  • Jorge - Noble Cinco
  • Remo - Noble Seis
  • Urbano Holland - Noble Real
  • Amigo Dot


Emilio: "Katerina, you read his file?"
Katerina: "Only the parts that weren't in English."

Cartez: "Me llamo Cartez, Noble Team's leader. That's Katerina, Noble Dos, Emilio y Jorge, Cuatro y Cinco. You're riding with me, Noble Seis."

Cartez: "I'm glad to have your skillz, but we're hombres. That lone perro stuff stays behind. Comprende?"

Emilio: "Plasma, maybe."
Jorge: "Can't be. Not in Mexico."

Cartez: "How we doing, Katerina?"
Katerina: "Taking a little longer than I hoped, Jefe. It's all in English."
Cartez: "Hold them off until Kat can get Google Translate."
Cartez: "Kat?"
Katerina: "Just about...there! We're in!"
Cartez: "Everybody inside! Vámonos!"

Katerina snatches the data module from Seis's hand.
Katerina: I'll take that, Seis. Not your language."

Jorge: "Amigo of yours?"
Sara: "Padre."
Jorge: "Lo ciento. I'm sorry."
Sara: "Why would you be?"
Jorge: "I don't have a father either."

Katerina: "Best not touch anything. You wouldn't want to ground this place."
Cartez: "But the floor here is just the ground."
Juno: "I didn't bring my shovel."

Juno: "Here. You may need these. Low-velocity, not armor-piercing. They'll take the sombrero off an Elite at two backyards. And they're very cheap."


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