"Human weakling. Only now, before your demise, do you realize that Humanity IS DOOM!" "I'm not so sure." "GRA! Foolish vermin. I will cut out your guts, your face, your soul and take them for myself!" "Try me."

-Jae Knaz and SPARTAN 264's conversation before SPARTAN 264's final stand and death.

Jae Knaz was an Elite Zealot during the Human-Covenant War. He is the one responsible for Will-S264's death.

Death Edit

Jae Knaz met with a Sangheili Field Marshall and headed to intercept the remnants of NOBLE Team after he killed Will-S264. He was killed by NOBLE Six as Knaz was wielding duel wield plasma rifles after witnessing NOBLE 4, or Emile's, death.

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