Prev: Feet First
Game: Halo: Trial
Into Hell
Player: Damien-A263
Date: June 14, 2554
Place: Trial, high orbit
Depicts: Strike on Unrelenting Advance
  • Board the Unrelenting Advance
  • Clear the hangar

Covenant Loyalist troops

  • Jiralhanae
  • Kig-Yar
  • Unggoy

Various Covenant vehicles

  • Weapons chosen in Prelude
  • Dropped weapons
  • Equipment chosen from Prelude
  • Dropped equipment
 Board the Unrelenting Advance and clear out the hangar. "Into Hell" is the third mission in Halo: Trial.


  • The mission's name, "Into Hell," is a nod toward the previous mission's name ("Feet First"), completing the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper motto.

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