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Halo: Trial
Halo Trial Cover
Ulysses Industries
Splatter Studios
US Date Released
June 14, 2016
UK Date Released
June 14, 2016
First-person shooter, Science-fiction
Game modes:
Campaign with Co-Op, Matchmaking, Forge, Free-Roam, Firefight, Post-Campaign Ops
ESRB rating:
Mature (M) for Blood, Violence, and Strong Language
Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC
Hayden Grant, Remington Trace
DL-DVD, download
Splatter Marketplace - Halo: Trial

Halo: Trial is a science-fiction first-person shooter game as part of a spinoff Halo series. It was developed by Ulysses Industries and published by Splatter Studios. It is the first installment of the spinoff series, which has yet to be named.

The story is set in 2554, on a newly-discovered planet dubbed Trial by the United Nations Space Command. Covenant Loyalist forces gathered around it at the end of the Human-Covenant war to rally and attack Earth once more.

In the game, the main characters are the members of Commando Dispatch 46 and Squad 596. Throughout the levels, you alternate between them. Types of gameplay vary from ground combat, vehicles, aircraft, and even ship commanding.


Halo: Trial will have at least 20 levels to play.

Gameplay and FeaturesEdit

Halo: Trial's gameplay runs along the same line as the original games made by Bungie - Ulysses Industries also took great caution in avoiding the lines set by 343 Industries.

  • Spartans now have night vision at all times, instead of only having them in Campaign and Firefight.
  • Some missions in the game have the player play as ODST's, marines (only in certain post-campaign missions, though), and even naval officers.
  • Playable Elites make a return, with even more armour to customise.
  • Free roaming has been enabled at all times while still following the story, similar to Far Cry 3's gameplay.
  • Though not at all times, such as during missions with standard marines, players can fly any aircraft.
  • Players have a much wider range of customisation, being able to create their own skins for armour and weapons free of charge. They can also make skins for aircraft and vehicles in most multiplayer gametypes.
  • Post-Campaign Ops are less frustrating than Spartan Ops while avoiding simplicity, aside from the name.
  • Aircraft-based missions involve many different environments, and some of the missions involve fighting on the ground as well.
  • All of the aircraft and vehicles featured in the Campaign can be used in multiplayer and placed using Forge.
  • Invasion gametype from Halo: Reach returns, with even more customisation.
  • Both Infection and Flood gametypes and featured, and Flood can be modified to let the infected players hold weapons and other important things.
  • Both the enemy and ally A.I. have been improved by far.
  • There is a much larger selection of maps, with the Forge maps being the largest of them.
  • Forge has been vastly improved from its Halo 4 predecessor.

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