Funny Pictures Halo Coffee Break This article is fanon and not part of the Halo universe. The author of this fanon is Clonefanatic.

Halo: 596 Official Soundtrack was composed by Asher DeMatteo for Halo: 596, with elements by Martin O'Donnel and Micheal Salvatori.

List of songsEdit

  1. Halo: 596 Theme/Meet Squad 596 2:30
  2. Meet Damien 1:01
  3. UNSC Winter Winds
  4. Battle Theme
  5. The Storm
  6. Battle on Installation 00 (With elements from Halo: Reach Main Menu Theme) 3:20
  7. Sad Theme 2:50
  8. Fall of Reach  5:14
  9. This is for Odd! 4:47
  10. Silent hunters  6:19
  11. Linque nullum Lacedaemonius retro 4:50
  12. Never Surrender  '3:37
  13. Welcome to Trial/End Credits  7:40

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