Funny Pictures Halo Coffee Break This article is fanon and not part of the Halo universe. The author of this fanon is Helenna A114.


"Firing at the ones who run"

Biographical information
Spartan Tag S-099
Birth dateunknown
Death dateN/A
Physical description
Height6' 4"
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation2en in command of Black team & 2en in command of Blue team in A.J.M.
RankCommander First Class
ClassTechnology expert, SPARTAN-next-gen

The SPARTAN Next-Gen Project:Edit

The SPARTAN-Next-Gen Project started in 2553 under alot of stress that it would be found. when they found the childern for this they when't right to it. Unlike the other SPARTAN programs they had the children where 6 years old to 10 which found a lot more candidates much faster then the others, they also didn't all get armor, Angelina was one of the lucky ones who got armor.

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