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Hello everyone :)

Hello everyone I was checking out other halo wiki's lately, mostly our of curiosity, and I happened apon this one. Its kinda strange, I have yet to find any threads hear. So I decided to make one just to see what happens.
Alittle info about me:
Name: Lord of the Stars.
Race: Kig-yar.

gender: male
age: unknown
home: terraformed asteroid.
Career: Pirate.
I'm actually a pretty nice guy, but it is possible to provoke me if one is foolish enough to try hard enough.
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Trial from orbit

I think this article needs a picture from orbit POV.
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New tag

You guys better give this guy a new tag and possibly a new name. This name is almost completely identical to the Mike-287 that Shotgun owns, and Shotgun's Mike came first by a good few months.
Just tellin ya.
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